Women In The Red-Green War

March 7, 2014 Dekker Center 0

  by Woro (Jakarta), Max (London), Tony (Los Angeles) Crime has offenders and victims. But this is a story about victims in the far distance of Sumatra, Indonesia. This is not about the reasons, the […]


Indonesian Middle Class: Trap or Rescue?

December 31, 2013 Ika 0

There are many factors that determine the economic growth of a country such as natural resources, human resources, technology and infrastructure development, as well as the political and security climate. When we talk about the […]


Is Greenpeace Artfully Greenwashing APP?

November 22, 2013 Ika 0

It is a sad thing to read Greenomics’ report titled “Zero to Zero,” which harshly criticized the Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) of Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). In a 28-page report published in early November […]


Self-Sufficiency VS Import Policy

October 18, 2013 Ika 0

No matter how bad the image of the New Order’s regime is in today’s Indonesian society, there is at least one good lesson from the Soeharto government. With a primary focus on the development of […]


Who should Pay for Tesso Nilo?

October 6, 2013 Rina Hutajulu 0

As posted in The Jakarta Post  Prior to its elevation to national park status, the Tesso Nilo forest was a Limited Production Forest (HPT), which covered an area of 83,064 hectares (Ha). In 2004 the […]


Study: Small-scale Logging Bigger Threat

September 17, 2013 Rina Hutajulu 0

  The growing problem of small-scale logging is more serious threat to the conservation of the monarch sanctuaries than previously thought, a new study revealed. A fresh study of winter nesting grounds in central Mexico […]