Thursday, May 23, 2019


Dekker Center’s investigative journalism projects include:

Children in the Prison System
Difa Kusumadewi is investigating the dark side of poverty and crime by investigating the role of Indonesian children in the prison system. The project is taking a critical look at the juvenile crime system and dangers of the current prison system creating a pool for future criminals and radicals.

On the Trail of Frankincense
The Dekker Center undertook a multi-month-long investigation into benzoin resin, the Indonesian version of Frankincense to determine if the dying trade and the product was a public health concern. The investigation traced the origins of the products from North Sumatra to Java.

Paying the Price for being different
Fanny Rofalina is investigating reports of violence against sexual minorities and discrimination highlighting the threats sexual minorities face in their daily struggle to be accepted by society.

The New Inquisitors
The Dekker Center has investigated the effectiveness and political power of the Indonesian anti-corruption commission and its inquisition-like abuse of the new-found powers targeting political opponents and businesses opposing the government.

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